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Fight Debris with Gutter Guards in Houston

With potential foundation damage caused by clogged gutters, Bolt® gutter protection from Universal Windows Direct is Houston’s top technology for keeping the system clear.

Micromesh Technology for Clean and Clear Gutters

Bolt® uses stainless steel micromesh to filter out unwanted debris that may clog the gutter system. Its sleek design features a pressed mesh pattern that’s designed to break water tension, even in heavy rain flow. Only the tiniest particles and water can flow through the gutters with Bolt® protection, which reduces debris in the form of:

  • Whirlybirds
  • Pine needles
  • Insects
  • Small organic matter
  • Sticks
  • And more

Bolt® features a coated steel frame that is engineered to never bend while handling heavy amounts of water in the gutter system. As it rains, the patent-pending Z-pattern allows water to flow in and keep debris out of the gutter regardless of roof slope.

The gutter protection is also Class A fire compliant and resists winds of up to 110 mph.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Gutter System

This gutter protection keeps the gutters lasting longer and performing in peak condition. It eliminates moss, prevents pests from entering the system, and provides peace of mind year-round.

Bolt® is designed to fit all roof styles in Houston. It seamlessly attaches to any roof, from asphalt shingles to Spanish tile. The universal fit on most rain gutters accommodates to 5” or 6” in width and flows flawlessly with curved gutters, K-style, half round, OGEE, and more. It’s securely fastened to the front lip of the gutter with self-drilling screws.

Trust UWD of Houston South with Quality Gutter Protection

The best gutter guards in Houston are found at Universal Windows Direct of Houston South. Our company installs Bolt® gutter guards on your home and provides a 20-year product warranty, ensuring that you’re getting the best gutter protection available in Houston.

For a worry-free option and a clear gutter system 365 days per year, choose Bolt® gutter guards today.

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