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Exceptional UniShield® Exterior Siding in Houston

Universal Windows Direct of Houston South presents UniShield® vinyl siding: the homeowner’s choice for an affordable and quality exterior.

UniShield® vinyl siding is engineered with the industry’s most durable vinyl. It is impact-resistant and designed to protect the exterior from the elements. Vinyl exterior is easy to maintain and will not warp, fade, or rot from moisture damage. With protection from heavy rains and Houston’s heat, homeowners can have confidence with an investment of premium UniShield® siding.

With panels of up to .46” in thickness and extended panel lengths, UniShield® is built to last a lifetime. It’s an essential product for providing a smooth and unified appearance to the exterior while also controlling energy bills.

Many options, colors, and styles are available with UniShield® siding installation, including:

  • Dutch Lap Siding
  • Clapboard Siding
  • Vertical Siding
  • Vinyl Shakes and Scallops
  • Vinyl Soffit

Houston South homes will instantly become transformed with our quality products that provide a handcrafted experience for exceptional craftsmanship. Ornate vinyl shakes and scallops add depth and visual interest to the exterior. UniShield® panels available in matte or high-gloss finish give the appearance of authentic wood siding.

Many color selections are available to design a dream exterior. Find today’s most popular hues in UWD’s inventory, including options that fit both modern and traditional tastes.

Best Siding Materials for Energy Savings

UniShield® exterior comes equipped with products that contribute to energy savings, correct installation, and sound reduction. Fullback Insulated Underlayment makes the exterior panels extra durable and energy efficient. This product blocks airflow from entering behind the panel, which can result in increased energy bills. UniShield® exterior also becomes more impact-resistant Fullback Insulated Underlayment.

With Universal Fanfold Housewrap, the home’s thermal envelope is sealed for maximized energy savings. This product also helps the siding lie flat against the exterior, minimizing problems such as bucking and other irregularities.

High Quality Siding Installation and Warranty

UWD of Houston South is dedicated to quality craftsmanship of all products. With UniShield® exterior, every panel is installed correctly and securely. The panels will not pull away from the home during windstorms and continuously perform for decades. With professional siding installation, Houston homeowners get the best of both worlds of quality siding and impeccable performance.

Our True Lifetime warranty is offered with all UniShield® exterior products. This coverage includes protection on aspects including pieces, parts, materials, craftsmanship, and labor.

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